Monday, April 23, 2007

Dory on Kelly Green

Ok, so I've just done something rather unusual for me: I entered an online photography contest. This post is in part an enticement (of you, the reader) to vote on two upcoming contests (for me, preferably, the writer, filmmaker and photographer). Of course, you don't have to. I'll still continue to write about many a lovely topic. JUST BELOW, in fact, is a look at Terrence Malick's use of sound to support story and characterization in Badlands (1973). Stay tuned for a seriously in-depth look at editing in Fellini's Amarcord (1974).

I may also write something about John Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence (1974) but no promises on that one. If you have a thought about whether I should tackle Cassavetes and from what angle, feel free to leave a comment. I'm feeling rather open to suggestion (it's the weather) and would love to take your thoughts.


(...and check out JPG Magazine, all you web-surfing faerie folk!)



Blogger Mama Vengeance said...

Yours is a perfect image of a dreamscape!

April 26, 2007 6:38 PM  
Blogger johanna said...

Thanks! There were a couple of really great photos in there (taken with much more sophisticated equipment than my good old Olympus OM-10) but I have my fingers crossed.

Win or lose, though, I'll always love this picture...

April 26, 2007 7:32 PM  

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